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Jessika Aidom

Добрый день! Уважвемые форумчане! Вдруг кто нибудь готовится в отпуск.
В продаже осталось несколько акционных туров в различные страны!
Все предложения для обитателей данного форума мы предлагаем за половину стоимости. Акционные предложения ниже! Всем подробности на нашем сайте! Торопитесь! осталось девять дней.

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Только сегодня!
<a href=><img></img></a>
Предложение дня!
<a href=><img></img></a>

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Very nice site!


Very nice site!


Hallo zusammen,

auch von meiner Seite gibt es Lob für die Aufmachung und Gestaltung der Seite.
Wirklich sehr gute Arbeit bisher. Bitte macht weiter so :)

viele Grüße
der Jan


you made our visit to Budapest feel as if we were actually welcome....not like the large conglomerate hotels
we do very much hope to return in a year or so to Budapest and there's only one place we will stay...........

Thank you to all at GOLD HOTEL

Linda & Mervyn Ashdown

rose melberg

The front desk staff was very helpful in obtaining tourist info and calling for information and reservations. The room and bathroom were nice and new, the bed was comfortable and breakfast buffet was good. We took the hop on, hop off bus tour, daytime and nighttime - do not miss seeing the city at night! :)
I recommend this hotel!

Jeremy Roenick

Room, bed, staff, breakfast and position all excellent. The staff were most attentive and really went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and well looked after. Thank you Gold Hotel for making our stay in Budapest so enjoyable. I will recommend you most highly and hope to be back.

Jeremy Braun

If I ever return to Budapest, THIS IS THE PLACE TO STAY! Outstanding rooms and staff!